Boutique Hotel Museum in Belgrade


The Museum hotel is located in one of the most exclusive parts of Belgrade, perfectly connected with all important parts of Belgrade, public local and intercity transport, as well as the Nikola Tesla airport.

From the airport, you can choose different directions towards the city centre, but we recommend you take the highway to Sava centre where you can connect to Milentija Popovica Boulevard in direction to Usce. From Usce, you can simply go by Branko’s bridge to the only tunnel in Belgrade at the end of which you can turn left towards the Army Hall. From there, go left up the hill towards the Republic Square where some of our kind staff will wait for you.

If you are coming by train or bus, don’t worry, because the hotel is only 1 km far away. You can come to our hotel on foot through one of our oldest streets in Belgrade, Balkanska Street and Terazije towards the Republic Square where our hotel is located.

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